Hi, My name is Moth. This is my personal site! I mainly upload my stories here.
But I got other stuff too like my art. I like screaming into the void, so this is
my personal corner of the internet, feel free to share it with me and enjoy, its a
happy thought that someone may have had just 30 minutes of 'fun' or just found a
way to pass time on my site. This site is never very 'pretty' so I suppose don't expect
too much of me. I cobble together more and more of this site in my freetime and I just
enjoy making these stories, so I'll have no "schedule" or anything.

You probably can't tell (at the moment anyway) but I love cute things, I also love
horror, Sci-Fi, Gothic or Historically inspired aesthetics, so expect to see that
in site themes whenever I decide to change it. (which isn't too often I think.)

I'm big into Star Trek (TOS-Golden Age), Fallout, JoJo (thanks, slug.), Homestuck,
Gemini Home Entertainment, Mandela Catalogue, Monument Mythos and others I'm probably
neglecting, but these are the big ones ATM and historically!! I don't usually draw
fanart but if/when I do, it'll probably be of these big ones!

Map of Knowledge (for a TTRPG campaign.)

Chapter: Finishing Lets Run Away, To New York.
From the Why Is The Lonliness Here

The ribboned bear takes you to my stories, cherry bear takes you to my art and
intimately to somewhat to loosely related accompanying posts and the sleeping bear
will take you home, hope you have fun clickin' around!