POSTED 11/22/21

Whew! Sorry for not posting here a while, trust me I miss drawing! My focus is primarily on the next chapter of WITLH
right now, and i'm hoping to release that on the 23rd if all goes well (may be very minimally pushed back to the 24th)
but knock on wood! This character is The Host. I'm a sucker for 'religious' aesthetics and monsters and she is kinda a mix of
those. She's actually made out of wax, and if you touch those arms of hers you start to dissolve, spooky! I also attatched a
tiny little halloween doodle of her face 'open.' (these are both old, but I have a backlog... felt guilty for not updating this part
of the site in so long...) But hey! I have many drawing plans! Can't wait to show the results!

POSTED 10/28/21

Here's a character from a campaign I'm running with a friend of mine! The setting is based on The Library of Babel
and the characters are chasing after certain books. This is who we call the 'book pope' he's not as mean/apathetic as he
looks here haha, actually generally pretty nice, but I thought the pose was fun and I wanted to try it. Bonus fact! He also
has trouble walking by himself, and generally has a staff with him, but was (accidentally not really long story) kidnapped
by the party and so generally had someone as an emergancy support beam at all times. Anyways, he's the pope with shades!!!