POSTED 6/14/22

I should REALLY. learn my lesson, and stop commenting on how long it's been since my last post. It seems a bit phophetic at this
point... In anycase, no, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, for any of those wondering. If you've been keeping up with my page
you've likely noticed the aesthetic overhaul, and maybe even the little updates to the hubs. I promise I'm working just a bit slower.
I've been busy graduating highschool, working three jobs, and running two campaigns (and attenting another two.) on top of being very
insecure about my work. (I don't know...I feel like I always want to create things that I'm not skilled enough to's very
discouraging, and I wonder if anyone else feels like this? Either way, I'm pushing through it. I guess the only way to get skilled is
to learn from failure, right? I mean, I don't want to think of my stories as failures but y'know, whatever gets me to finish what I set
out to do, and finish it well right?? OH. AND OF COURSE, I RAMBLED ABOUT MY LIFE AND NOT THE DRAWING!!! ACK! Ok, ok, enough about that.
This is a goddess from one of those aforementioned campaigns I'm running. She's a cyber 2000's pop goddess, think trashy, diva. She's not
as sassy as she looks though, just a preformer at heart! She's actually pretty niave and kind, a bit airheaded to the point of being a loose
canon though...

POSTED 4/23/22

I feel like my breaks keep extending...oops! take some art as a deep apologies. I'll be posting the first chapter of invisible
girls tonight as well! The first one is the host, and second is carol!! I love the host soo much she's one of my favorites to draw
always a blast. Been feeling so stressed about graduation and summer, but also excited to finally move on (officially) from highschool
as a side tangent I hate this school!! its so cliche, I know. But as someone who takes pride in my responsibility and I don't know,
work ethic? (despite things that make that harder...cough cough adhd) this school treats its kids like criminals or something! Its so
distressing and I'm so glad I only have to put up with it for one year but goddammit if it doesnt make the move here quite irritating!!
I'm hoping to start a job this summer, so updates might slow but I spend most of my freetime in relation to this site, believe it or not
so if you are a vested reader, (weird!) trust me, it hurts me too!! anyways, I hope you enjoy the art, I know I did making it. Oh- also!
sorry, one last thing!! I had like...HARD burnout? Like I totally didnt expect it and then VOOM it hit?? Ugh...I think it's over for the
most part but I feel so insecure about everything! I can still work (at least now) but ughh it sucked before! thats all though...see you!

POSTED 3/15/22

Phew! Been a hot minute huh? In any case coding is getting underway for the new project, as i've finished all the new sets of
sprites, well, tonight. I also have...A lot of creative things planned? The following hub after WITLH will be worked on directly
afterwards, with some drawings in-between I hope. I also have the idea for a mixed media type of section of the site, you may have
already noticed the 'writings' section that doesn't link to much now? Well...I hope to fix that! It'll be less interactive stories,
definitely, but I hope to make that up with visuals in between, and maybe those'll be fun to skim through! About these drawings
though (jeez sometimes I forget I'm not just supposed to update dump here, could you tell?) anyways!!! These two characters will also
be featured in the new hub and story!! I'm excited for you to see them (but anticipate a tense atmosphere...the sea is rough!) haha
get it? yeah,, I'll let myself out.

POSTED 2/26/22

Man, I did finish this piece earlier but this math test really kicked my ass in terms of mental stress so I never got around to
posting it! This is Henry, You'll be seeing him soon ;) I won't say much about him, so I don't spoil the fun of meeting him! In any
case as I said last post I'm beginning work on the next hub, the script is fully written, and the characters are in the process of
getting their sprites done, (I'm doing their concept art between them.) I'm excited to put it out there! I anticipate this whole
project taking approcimately a month in terms of completeing the first chapter. I also anticipate that the majority of this new
hub's chapters will be longer, while WITLH's continuation hub will continue to be more 'bite-sized.' In other me related news outside
of my creative endeavors though, schools been well, and and and my girlfriend got me this beautiful necklace. She's across the sea
but she still managed to ship it to me, it's so cute and I never want to take it off. I love her so so so so much!! Argh, I'm blushing!

POSTED 2/18/22

wayhayyy!! 'real' boss/critic! I can't wait 'til you see him...howwevver! I'm going to be starting another project! YAAAY!! It'll
update interchangably with the story beginning in WITLH. But, the two won't be connected. I'm so excited! This'll (hopefully)
prevent creative burnout on my end. Anyways his design draws on another I've had in the past but never posted, (from before
this section was on my site.) but yaknow, i liked how it looked so much so I replicated parts of it unto his human-y thing.
For real though big brain talk,, it's been almost a year since I started WITLH and it's finally over it's first stage (I plan
three.) And going back to chapter one is like PHCHEEW (BRAIN EXPLODING BECAUSE OF HOW BAD I WAS AT CODING) and
I'm just so happy I stuck to it coding and watching my stories come to life in an interactive sense has been awesome! Not to
mention I love the little responses i've got from friends and from stangers they all make my day, I'm glad I could give your
brain something from mine! :-)) See yaa!!

POSTED 2/4/22

This is Juno!!! I love her shes another table top character of mine. I thought I was pretty creative with makin' her look like a jelly!
She's from a sci-fi campaign and getting into a l o t of shenaniganiry if thats a word haha I always like playing her, add on to
the fact she's a part of a Saturday game i'm having a lot of fun! In other news, y'know that Babel game I mentioned waaay back?
Yeah! Well I'm running it with another group and they seem really into it! It got me real excited :-))!! I might draw some NPC's
from both games coming up, or maybe the party! In other other news I'm writing for the final chapter of WITLH now! Its
gonna be kiinda a big one and a bit of a brain loopity loop the way this at the moment but the creative process i've had with
this hub has been fluid to say the least. I'm glad to see people enjoying it, and I hope its been an enjoyable experience for
everyone that has played through it! I know this post is short, and not very much about Juno herself SORRY JUNO!! But I'll be
sure to draw her again, shes still a pretty fresh character!! And like....I've yet to get toooo fully attached...But I'm sure
sure when I latch unto her I'll be quite obnoxious about it!

POSTED 1/25/22

Hey! So...yay!! New chapter release, today!! this pink gal is in the new chapter (not as detailed obviously haha) but you'll be seeing
her! She's one of my favorites to draw, and probably one of if not the first character I drew from this project! I feel like
this chapter a lot of things will make even less sense but its necessary!! I promise it'll all come together(ish?) in the next
chapter, so now you have something to look forward to if you're following that! I'm actually really excited to continue WITLH but
I'm not sure if I'm going to follow it up in the next hub or start a new story thats been brewing in the back of my head and
alternate between updating the both of them. (I have SOO many ideas!!) Honestly I'm really excited for what post-highschool will
bring me. I hope to get a new computer 'round september which MAY seem like planning too ahead but LISTEN!! I'm super excited!!
AlsooOoO! I'm thinking I might have a strict writing or book review portion of my site in the future, I say this because i'm
probably going to host my final writing profolio for an elective class on this site so...we'll see how that goes! I don't know
I'm just so excited to leave highschool. Thank you to everyone who's stopped by recently the websites gotten close to 45,000 hits
thats insane!! I'm glad if a portion of those people had fun on this site :-)) see you !

POSTED 1/10/22

Here's The Boss and...a character you haven't seen! Yet. You may notice that The Boss looks a little different, that's 'cause
this is a design relevent to 'before' the inspector came along! In anycase, this new fellow will be looking different in
the upcoming chapter, but he'll still be tinted the same purple, so he's plenty recognizable! In other news I've decided that
I'll be stepping back from more 'date' driven deadlines and instead try balancing all my various hobbies more healthily so
I still feel productive! ('Cause, honestly, that's all the dates were there for.) So I'm thinking, everytime I finish sprites,
writing scripts, coding a large chunk of the upcoming story etc. etc. I'll set aside some interum time to draw so I dont grow
burnt out or anything! Not that I'm exhausted of the project or anything, quite the opposite I always find myself enjoying
this procress, but I'm catching early signs of burnout in myself, (producing less unrelated art to the main proj., no
motivation, etc. etc.) So, I'm glad I'm catching it early instead of crashing and, well, burning! I think a good sign is I love
still drawing these characters, so I'm infinitely relieved! In more exciting WILTH related news however, I'm going to start
coding the next chapter, like...right after I finish this post. So expect it out in the next two-ish weeks (or don't, considering
my record with deadlines...) Anyways..! apologies for the long post!

POSTED 12/14/21

tw: knives, bruises, cuts

Jeez! finally once again some formal WITLH art! Don't worry I'm working on sprites right now. I was hoping to get all
said and done by wednesday of next week but do to intenet related... issues it looks like thats a little out of the question.
I'll try my best to meet my holly jolly deadline though, my word! In other news thank you to all the new visitors! On an
unrelated note I've been considering a bit of an aesthetic shift feels a liiittle too early since the last one y'know? In
any case!! Sorry for all these unrelated rambles! I agknowledge the drawing may be a little worrying for people following but
all will be explained! (later rather than sooner unfortunately.) Oh! And before I forget I tried some new things out with
lineart and coloring in this piece I thought looked very nice, I was excited to share! anyways I'm going to stop myself from
rambling now! Until I crank some art out again I guess!

POSTED 12/3/21

Hey all! I'm so sorry for my complete and utter 'offness' when it came to the deadline. Deadlines kicked me when I was
down around Thanksgiving so I took the chance to instead just recharge my own battery. (I guess knocking on wood did
nothing.) However, here's some art thats been sitting on my sketch list waiting to be finished since October! It's actually
kinda a weird story! So basically, he's a character from a table-top I play (he sucks!! he's the worst!!) but he usually
dresses in suits and has a more corporate aesthetic. (The society he comes from is pretty hyper-capitalist.) So, anyway, since
he's a war cleric It's kinda been commented on that he doesn't really dress like one in the traditional 'fantasy' sense. (The
setting is weird by the way, he's considered an 'alien' to the more traditional fantasy setting races.) And, anyways, after I
started drawing this the design got implemented into the game but I had been working on WITLH too much to be timely, nuts!
In anycase here's an (untimely) Lorien Grangere!

POSTED 11/22/21

tw: knives

Whew! Sorry for not posting here a while, trust me I miss drawing! My focus is primarily on the next chapter of WITLH
right now, and i'm hoping to release that on the 23rd if all goes well (may be very minimally pushed back to the 24th)
but knock on wood! This character is The Host. I'm a sucker for 'religious' aesthetics and monsters and she is kinda a mix of
those. She's actually made out of wax, and if you touch those arms of hers you start to dissolve, spooky! I also attatched a
tiny little halloween doodle of her face 'open.' (these are both old, but I have a backlog... felt guilty for not updating this part
of the site in so long...) But hey! I have many drawing plans! Can't wait to show the results!

POSTED 10/28/21

Here's a character from a campaign I'm running with a friend of mine! The setting is based on The Library of Babel
and the characters are chasing after certain books. This is who we call the 'book pope' he's not as mean/apathetic as he
looks here haha, actually generally pretty nice, but I thought the pose was fun and I wanted to try it. Bonus fact! He also
has trouble walking by himself, and generally has a staff with him, but was (accidentally not really long story) kidnapped
by the party and so generally had someone as an emergancy support beam at all times. Anyways, he's the pope with shades!!!